The Footprints and Their Maker, Anarchic

March 11, 2013

I am posting a link to a six minute excerpt of a >1hr. story and soundscape called The Footprints and Their Maker. It is written and narrated by myself. The story was conceived of independently but loosely fits into a much larger series of narratives called War on Earth’s Surface, whose creation and dissemination I hope to continue to assist with in the future. The soundscape portion of this recording is not my work–attribution in this case is not desired.

The entirety of The Footprints and Their Maker will be available for free on the internet; the possibility of a CD with an accompanying booklet at some point in the future also exists.

You may stream and download via SoundCloud.

This excerpt originally appeared in the Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum Final Winter Solstice Compilation alongside a host of experimental electronic music.

Also, the Skagos album Anarchic features a song called “Spring Speaks Truth” whose lyrics are taken from the performance piece The Blind Man in the Mountain.

These recordings are my only recent collaborative efforts and also some of the work of which I am most proud.

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