Carriers of Seeds

April 29, 2013

dead horse

Ghost Birds Empty Skies was conceived of as a performance project that utilized speech. The shows I planned languished or were cancelled; the texts I wrote for them grew to monstrous proportions, devoured the context that gave birth to them, and demanded to walk upright in the world on their own accord. I think of them like children who ate their own mother. They exist in relation to the performances that brought them into existence as industrial civilization exists in relation to the earth. Greedy and stupid, they have killed what gives them life.

Carriers of Seeds” is one such text. Here it is on Soundcloud: not a show, just my disembodied voice, speaking in its inevitable weary, slightly ominous monotone, the sounds of bone scraping on bone and dead bigleaf maple leaves being crumbled, the occasional flourish of harmonium or analog synthesizer. Until we find ourselves in the same room, and I tell you these stories while I’m looking into your eyes, and you can judge me by the conviction with which I speak, I hope you enjoy the humble proxy of this recording.





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