Spring Speaks Truth is a heterogeneous written series concerned with ecology, evolution, human and animal behavior, cultural analysis, political resistance, art, technology, and various personal and collective mythologies. Some of these texts are essentially literary projects, others are intended as contributions to strategic discussions in ecological and social struggles.

However described, these writings ultimately obey no scheme other than reflecting the idiosyncratic experiences of their author. They are the product of involvement with direct action movements, particularly with Earth First! and other ecologically-oriented entities; writing National Forest timber sale appeals and doing environmental policy work; making underground music and doing performance art; and navigating what could be euphemistically described as an interesting life. I am currently studying biology in Portland, Oregon, with the intention of doing graduate work that investigates hierarchy.

Arnold Schroder

(Note that I was known by the pseudonym of Scott for many years, for reasons difficult or perhaps ill-advised to describe).



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