A less-than-comprehensive list of material published on this page in an arbitrary sequence.

Assessing the Vulnerabilities of the Fossil Fuel Industry: Can Sabotage Be Decisive?

This paper uses infrastructure vulnerability modeling literature and case study to assess weaknesses in the industrial economy.

The Wounds of Elephants and the Path to Liberation

Elephant behavior is changing as human hunting alters population structure, growing more aggressive, less  socially integrated, and more bizarre—in other words, more like like the behavior of their hunters.

Anthropocene Faunation (Part One): Beauty and Terror

Humanity is causing a mass extinction, but this assault is also creating complex new habitats where some proportion of the earth’s species will continue to evolve, ushering in bizarre new dynamics.

Anguish Symmetry: A New Science for the Anthropocene

A systems theory proposal for creating a mathematical descriptor which relates ecological, social, and individual chaos/suffering.

A Tentative Biological Theory About Human Hierarchy, with Frequent References to Anarchists (and Occasional Reference to Baboons, Dada, Violence, Christian Mysticism, and Wolves)

Political attitudes correlate with a number of behavioral and lifestyle characteristics which have no overt, logical relationship with political perspective—moreover, some of these correlating domains appear cross-cultural. This was written as a note to myself to describe a research trajectory involving developmental genes, cognitive flexibility, and within-species variation in outlooks on hierarchy. It was then slightly edited (but only slightly) into a blog post.

Legal Marijuana: Aesthetic Vanguard of Techno-Dystopian Futurism

As we watch the world burn from within glass bubbles, giddy from euphoria-inducing chemicals we purchase in all-white rooms beneath surveillance cameras, it is time to acknowledge we live in science fiction. Also, a very serious argument that the power structure is becoming more demographically fluid and tolerant of individuality, as in the empires of the classical world.

Primitive Impulse and Mechanized Slaughter: Rites of Spring

A piece of writing which assesses commonalities among various artistic and political movements in conflict with modernity.

I Say Potato, You Say Dangerous Resurgence of Fascist Ideology

A foray, made against the advice of many friends, into the world of anarchist internal oppression (or inter-subcultural oppression, in any case) politics. This discusses accusations of fascism within Pacific Northwest underground music specifically, but also complex dialogue in radical politics generally.

Beyond Petty Tribalism: Could We Rescue a Subcultural Dispute from Its Seemingly Inevitable Pointlessness?

Because no subject could possibly be more important than this one, another post addressed to the acrimonious dialogue between anarchists and a music/art underground (which also happens to be populated by a great many anarchists).

Mass Extinctions and Dying Dreams: On the Wilderness of the Human Mind

As physical wilderness dies, so too its denizens; as the human mind is tamed, so too the gods and monsters that once haunted it.

The Emerging Face of God

A crazed description of the singularity.

In Many Bodies, a Single Death

A piece of fiction I wrote about physical torture and the transmigration of souls immediately before I began to recover 30-year-old repressed memories of being physically tortured in the religious cult I grew up in, the Alive Polarity Fellowship, which adhered to the doctrine of the transmigration of souls.


An exhortation to strength.

Please Do Not Join My Cult

A description of Do Not Seek the Light, an undertaking which navigated the often-overlooked shared borders of art project and religious cult.


A war song.

From suffering, birds

A spontaneous utterance emerging from the euphoria of an oil train blockade.

Carriers of Seeds

An audio recording of a fictional narrative over a soundscape.



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